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Disclaimer: These statements and illustrations  have been accumulated  from Young Living Essential Oils, Rufina James , Essential Oils Australia, Essential Oils for Family and Farm , and or other resources and are only shared as a courtesy . Sherry Cress is not responsible for any content or it's validly . These statements  have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These suggestions are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.




Are you intrigued by the wonderful scents and healing properties of essential oils, but aren't sure how to use them?


This guide will go over some basics to keep in mind and give you an overview of how essential oils are generally used.

The recommendations made here are specifically for use with Young Living Essential Oils — not any other brand. The reason is simply this: We can be certain of the high quality of Young Living's oils, but not the quality of others. Other oils may be unsafe to use directly on the skin and especially, to ingest.


To use these techniques safely and to achieve the desired results, your oils should meet the same high standards as Young Living Essential Oils. So, please do not use these techniques with other essential oils unless you know for certain that the batch you are using has been tested correctly for purity and quality.


Please note: we do not diagnose or treat diseases, nor is this page here for that purpose. We do not think of these oils as "medicine." We simply allow them to support the body and its systems in the healing process. The oil can be agents of energetic change that can enliven and strengthen us in the direction of wellness — physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually. We urge anyone with a serious medical condition to work with a competent healer.


The Art of Using Essential Oils


It's important to bear in mind that the use of essential oils to support the body, mind, and spirit is an art. There are many ways to use them, that's why there are people using essential oils with approaches that vary widely. Each approach has its merits and proponents, with accounts of wonderful results.


The recommendations presented here are not meant to be exclusive or dogmatic. They just present one approach that has produced excellent results. We honor the spirit of diversity and dialogue and hope that the use of these remarkable substances will help everyone feel more connected to the marvelous healing power of nature and to each other.




Individual responses to essential oils can be as varied as individual responses to food.  Now, if you were going to try a brand new kind of food, how would you go about it?  Our recommendation is to proceed with intelligence, intuition, and a sense of discovery. Just like you can easily learn what foods taste and feel good to you, you can learn how essential oils smell and feel to you and how they work for you simply by trying them.


Go slowly. Explore this new world or aromatherapy with patience and sensitivity.


Your First Day Using Essential Oils


On your first day, start with only one or two oils. Your body may not be used to the amount of oxygen and other healing substances that the oils can provide. You want to be as aware as you can of the effects of each oil that you use so you can get to know each one well.


Give yourself a few days to adapt. After that, once you see how you respond to them, you can expand your style. Some people can use 15 oils in one sitting with wonderful effects, while other feel more comfortable with only three or four. Every person is different and it is important to not exceed metabolic capacity (what your body can deal with comfortably), especially if you have a chronic condition.


Diluting Your Essential Oils


If you are new to the oils or have fair or thin skin, be sure to dilute the oils with a pure vegetable oil such as V-6 Mixing Oil (or a high quality cold-pressed vegetable oil). Even if you have tough skin, there may be places on your body where most people's skin is thinner and more sensitive, like the center of your chest or under your arms. Putting certain oils undiluted on your skin could cause irritation.


Diluting the oils prevents irritation and makes them more gentle. Don't be concerned that by diluting you're making the oils less effective. Not so. It just takes a little longer for the oils to go through the skin. Some people believe that the effects may even be stronger when the oils are diluted. The only way to know is to try it on yourself and observe the effects.


How To Deal With "Hot" Oils


Some essential oil tend to feel "hot" and/or "burn" like a hot chili pepper.  These are the spice oils such as Thyme, Oregano, Clove, Cinnamon, etc. Peppermint has a deep penetration power that, while not exactly "hot," can be extreme. These oils are best diluted to "cool" them down.


Note: Be very careful not to rub your eyes after using them as that will give you quite a stinging sensation. If this should happen, just put some vegetable oil on a tissue or paper towel and smear it over the affected area. It should cool off in a matter of seconds. If it doesn't, add more vegetable oil. Washing with water alone only increases the burning sensation. However, washing with soap and warm water can wash the oil off and stop the burning.


In general, people tend to develop an intuitive sense of the best way to use the oils for them as they gain experience with them.  Being observant about how you feel before and after using the oils helps and so does learning more about the qualities of each oil.



When using essential oils, here are a few principles you might find helpful:


1. If one oil doesn't work, try another.

Sometimes you may need a week or more of applying an oil to tell if it is helping your body. This is especially true if the issues you are trying to affect have been chronic – meaning you've had them for a long time. If they took a long time to develop, they probably won't disappear overnight. So, be wary of overly high expectations when dealing with issues of long standing.


On the other hand, there are people who have had remarkable and sudden improvements in their symptoms in one day or within a few day or hours. Such is the mystery of nature and of people.


2. Remember, it's a personal thing.

The point here is that using the oils is an intuitive matter and personal. No one can really decide for you. Like anything else in life, practice and experience are good teachers. The more you use the oils and learn about them, the more you start to understand and respect them.


3. Do take periodic breaks from the oils.

If you use the same oil regularly, be sure to take a break from it every 5 or 7 days. Also, you can experiment with how often you put it on each day. Once? Twice? Every hour?

Experiment. The effects of some oils can last as long as several weeks with one application! But sometimes, you'll need to use an oil more than once each day.


4. Apply one oil at a time.

In general, if you want to use more than one oil in a session, apply each oil one at a time and allow a minute or so in- between oils. You can "layer" oils in this fashion on the same area of the body, whether the feet or the location you're trying to help. (And you don't need to wash your hands between each new oil!)


In general, let the oil fall out of the bottle a drop at a time. Don not touch the edge of the bottle to the skin. Touching the rim can leave tiny deposits of bacteria or skin that can accumulate over time and decrease the quality of your oil.


And whatever you do, NEVER touch the top of the bottle where the oil comes out.  That could contaminate the entire bottle (especially if it's a gentler oil).


5. DO NOT use diffusers that USE HEAT.

Although essential oils can be used very therapeutically with heating pads, burning essential oils with a candle or heating with a hot light or lamp changes their delicate chemistry. High heat can render the oil therapeutically less beneficial and even create toxic compounds.


There are better ways to disperse the oils into the air - like using a diffuser.  Young Living offers several excellent types of diffusers - more info here:


I also recommend keeping your oils away from bright light or any sources of heat.




When you're new to essential oils, it's sometimes difficult to know what oil to use.  Today's article will give you a few tips...


Deciding which oil to use


Which oils to use is always an individual matter. There is no one oil for headaches or muscle pain. This is because the cause of the symptoms can be different from person to person. One headache might be from indigestion, or an allergic reaction, or hormonal changes, or stress, etc. Look at the list of oils and the descriptions of their properties. Think about your symptoms and what might be the underlying cause. Take a guess or use your intuition about what oil might be appropriate for you.


Take the plunge and try one. If it doesn't do the trick, try another. Even if the oil you choose doesn't help your body turn off your headache, it will have other beneficial effects if only because of the increased oxygenation, antiseptic and anti- inflammatory properties, etc. Get to know your oils, discover how they affect you, and know that someone else may respond to those oils in a completely different way. Honor the discovery process in yourself and others.


Taking a bath with a few drops of your chosen oil can be a peak experience. Even a short bath with the exquisite fragrances of your Young Living Essential Oils floating up from the water and sailing into your nose and skin can be profoundly relaxing or energizing, depending on which oils you use.


Leisurely soaks in hot baths helps relax the body and relieve achy, sore muscles. Adding a few drops of oils that are known to aid in muscle relaxation, such as Marjoram, Lavender, or Basil, can enhance that process. You also might want to try one of the relaxing blends made by Young Living like Peace & Calming or RutaVaLa to help ease tension and relieve stress further.


You only need a few drops, and they work best when dropped on to the surface of the bath once it's been drawn or by mixing first with Young Living's Bath Gel Base to disperse the oil throughout the bathwater as you fill the tub. Then, climb in and enjoy!


Oils can also be mixed with a dispersing agent before placing in the tub. Simply pour 15-20 drops of essential oil over Epsom salts and mixing before adding to bath water.




Cinnamon oil and other Essential oils


A recent study of cinnamon oil and other essential oils shows that they not only have powerful antimicrobial properties, but they also kill MRSA and E. coli and other antibiotic-resistant, hospital-acquired infections.


This is great news, since you've probably heard that antibacterial soaps and sanitizers actually contribute to the growing problem of antibiotic-resistant bacteria because the bacteria become resistant to these soaps and sanitizers so quickly. But they can't get resistant to cinnamon oil and other high-quality essential oils.


Some researchers now recommend sanitizers made with cinnamon oil, which has been shown in many studies to have powerful antimicrobial properties.


Quoting from a New York Times article, "The Claim: Cinnamon Oil Kills Bacteria,"


"A recent study by a team of surgeons, for example, found that a solution made with cinnamon oil killed a number of common and hospital-acquired infections, like streptococcus and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA. The study found it was just as effective as several antiseptics widely used in hospitals."


Please note that this study refers to top quality essential oils.

It does not hold true for run-of-the-mill essential oils – the type sold in drugstores and most health food stores. Those are generally thinned and/or synthetically manufactured, providing no antimicrobial properties whatsoever. The best oils are therapeutic-grade:


The article also makes reference to Thieves oil blend which goes back to the Middle Ages, where it was used by grave- robbing thieves who went around stealing jewelry from dead bodies, but never got sick. The Thieves blend combines the most antimicrobial oils mentioned in the study (cinnamon bark, clove, Eucalyptus radiata and rosemary oils) in one extraordinarily powerful blend.


To find out more about Thieves oil: Contact Sherry 217 440 4930 or




Ever worked with machinery or gone cycling and got nasty grease stains all over your clothes that nothing would remove?


I certainly have, and I've found something that takes the grease right off – lemon essential oil.


Just a drop or two does the trick. It's really amazing how easy the grease comes off.


Or maybe you have that problem with your kids… or your husband…



      "When my husband or I get grease stains on our legs from cycling, we apply lemon essential oil to the area and it takes the grease right off. Grapefruit oil works too!" – Melody


It works equally well on grease stains in clothes. If only I had lemon oil when I was a student cycling around campus. My bike took me everywhere – it was my only mode of transportation and I rode it in rain or shine. And… I got ugly black grease stains on all of my pants that nothing would remove – at least not then. Now, I just use a few drops of lemon oil and they're gone.


 Here's how Tara got rid of chapstick stains when the chapstick went through the was with her husband's clothes: -Tara 

"About three weeks ago my husband left chapstick in his pocket and it got washed and dried. It ruined a whole load of dark clothes. I tried different stain removers, washed the clothes over and over again, even tried the Thieves cleaner, nothing worked. I had piled the clothes up in the corner of the laundry room, really ready to throw them away. Then I was looking at the 101+ uses of the Essential 7 and saw lemon was a good cleaner for grease and oil. I dropped lemon on all the spots of one shirt, and there were many spots, let it sit about 20 minutes, washed and dried, and MAGIC! The stains were gone, and without any scrubbing!" -Tara


Not only is lemon oil a powerful grease remover, it's pure and natural. The great thing about Young Living's lemon oil is that it is very pure. There are no chemicals or solvents in it.

There are many lemon-type cleaners on the market, but they're loaded with caustic chemicals that I'm seriously concerned about putting on my skin.


So was Sheryl when her husband asked for nail polish remover to clean the wood stain from his hands:

"My husband just finished a woodworking project and asked me if we have any nail polish remover to clean the oil based wood stain off his hands. I asked him to try the Lemon oil because I heard it worked on stains.  Well, instead of using the highly toxic nail polish remover he used the Lemon Essential Oil. I put a few drops in his hands and he rubbed his hands together and the stain just rolled off and smelled great! He and I were amazed as to how easily it all came off without the use of toxic chemicals."-Sheryl


Lemon oil can help you stay natural and free of grease stains in a toxic world!



Head lice have become epidemic in our schools.


 As a former school teacher, I (Rufina James) encountered the lice issue many times a year with children from all types of families and walks of live.


Things haven't gotten much better in the schools. Just yesterday, I got this email question about lice:


"I had read that a lady had mixed clove oil with a shampoo and conditioner to help kill lice. Has anyone else tried this and how much (ml, or oz) would you recommend mixing with the shampoo and conditioner?"


I told her I haven't heard about using clove for that, but I think it could work, since clove is so powerful. It may be worth a try.


As far as dilution, I've heard of people mixing melaleuca alternifolia 50/50 with vegetable oil (olive is good) and rub it through the hair and scalp. With clove oil, I'd probably use less – probably 8-10 drops to a couple of tablespoons of oil.

It's important to be very careful about keeping the oil away from the eyes and mucous membranes – clove oil burns!


These days, lice can be extremely difficult to get rid of. When I was teaching 4th grade, one of my students, who had thick, long, curly hair, got lice. Nothing she and her mother tried or her doctor prescribed – or anything her friends and family suggested – would get rid of them.


Week after week went by and every time she tried to return to school, a quick check by the school nurse sent her home again.

After six weeks of this, she was getting quite behind in her studies.


In desperation, they had to shave her beautiful long locks down to the stub, slather her head with Vaseline, and send her to bed with a shower cap covering the goo for several days and nights.


Poor thing was quite traumatized by it all, especially having to be practically bald where her flowing locks had been for most of her life.


That was 15 years ago, long before I knew about essential oils.

I'm hoping she didn't suffer any lasting trauma from the emotional stigma I could see she was experiencing. And I hope no child has to experience the anguish of resistant lice week after week and having to have their beautiful hair cut off.


The physical issues may be more complicated. After this, she had to use an asthma inhaler frequently. I don't know if it was related to the medications she used for the lice or not, but I did notice her using an inhaler often where I didn't notice an inhaler before.


Head lice pesticides and the solvents they are mixed with are very toxic. Surprisingly, the solvents, although "inert" are also extremely toxic. According to the NPA, "Exposure to such inerts or solvents can result in significant toxic effects that, in many cases, exceed the toxicity of the active pesticide ingredients."


NPA (National Pediculosis Association) warns: "There are no over-the-counter or prescription treatments to kill lice that are totally safe and scientifically proven to be 100% effective against head lice and nits. These treatments are potentially harmful pesticides and reliance on them promotes repeated use and contributes to ongoing infestations, outbreaks and resistant strains of head lice."


The NPA further warns against the use of chemicals, "designed to kill or destroy head lice in any individuals who have a pre- existing illness. This would include, but not be limited to, those with asthma, epilepsy, brain tumors, cancer or AIDS.

Those on medication, or who have been previously treated for head lice, as well as pregnant and nursing mothers may be more vulnerable to side effects and should avoid chemical lice treatments for use on themselves or applying them to others."


There have been many people who have had great success with essential oils – not just any essential oils, the oils must be therapeutic-grade, like the ones on this website.


Here's what they have to say about their experiences:


"I've gotten rid of my son's head lice using an old method involving essential oils. But when treating lice, I learned there's more to it than just "What oils do I use?" — it's important to follow a whole eradication protocol, to avoid a long battle with many re-infestations.


I used essential oils, diluted half-and-half with olive oil, rubbed all over the scalp and in the hair, and left on for 15 minutes, then shampooed out. My old recipe uses pennyroyal oil, mixed 1:1 with olive oil. You can't get pennyroyal oil easily any more, but I believe the EODR (Essential Oils Desk

Reference) has a recipe for a mixture, perhaps including rosemary and tea tree oil. I've talked to other parents who've reported using mixed essential oils with a carrier oil, with good results.


I followed this BASIC METHOD:

- Mix the essential oils about 1:1 with a carrier oil, Keep AWAY

  from eyes and other mucous membranes

- Use fingers to spread thoroughly on scalp and hair

- Leave on for 15 minutes

- Thoroughly shampoo out (it might take a couple of rounds of

  shampoo and rinse), being careful to avoid any oils or oil-

  carrying shampoo getting in eyes.

Head lice are terribly hard to get rid of; that's why they're epidemic in schools. They are resistant to the prescription AND over-the-counter shampoos and lotions — but kids, unfortunately, aren't always (possible side effects include liver or nerve damage). Many times parents are forced to repeat the chemical treatment two or three times, before they finally give up and turn to natural remedies.




Perfume and fragrance odors are extremely hard to remove.

Harder than cigarette smoke, perspiration or urine.


Wondering what you can use to naturally remove the odor of fragrance from your clothes?


I've tried everything to remove fragrance and perfume odors with little success. But recently, I found something that amazed me.


I'm very sensitive to chemical fragrances – being around them literally makes me ill. And today those fragrances are EVERYWHERE! They're in just about every perfume, hair gel, shampoo, hair spray, deodorant you can buy. And they are imbedded in dryer sheets and fabric softener. It's a horrible stench for those of us who are sensitive!


I cleared my shelves of the perfumes, hair gels, shampoos, hair sprays and deodorants long ago. I don't use any dryer sheets and fabric softener at home, ever. But the problem is, when I visit relatives, their sheets, towels and clothes reek!


When they hug me, I get that stuff all over me. When I sleep on their beds, I get it on me, even if I bring my own sheets because it's in their mattress.


The worst thing is, those sickeningly sweet odors masking chemical toxins don't break down for years! Really! Nothing really took them out until now.


In the past, I would have to boil all the laundry and clothes that could be boiled, then put the clothes away for years. This destroyed only some of the odor, far from all of it.


But the fantastic de-odorizer I recently discovered works better than anything. It's just the best fragrance odor remover for clothes I've ever used!


It's called Thieves Household Cleaner. It's a blend of odor- destroying essential oils in a non-toxic cleaning base. And it works like nothing else has!


All I do is mix a little bit of Thieves Household Cleaner into a bucket of warm water and soak the items overnight. It only takes a little – about 1/4 oz to 1 oz, depending on the size of your bucket and/or amount of clothes to soak. If you're soaking in the washer, one oz. will do it.


In the morning, I wash my clothes as usual and dry. Usually all the smell is gone. If I encounter an especially stubborn odor, I repeat the soaking.


It works fantastically on cigarette smoke and perspiration odors and just about any odor you might encounter. And the great thing is, you can use Thieves Household Cleaner for cleaning your kitchen, bathroom, your whole house. It's very concentrated, so just a little goes a long way and one bottle lasts a long time.


It has made a HUGE difference in my life to be able to safely and effectively remove toxic odors so quickly and easily!


For more info on Thieves household cleaning products

Contact Sherry 217 440 4930 or




Are you becoming more and more conscious of your own aging process?


If you're wondering which nutrients will help you retain your youthfulness longer, join the crowd.


Everyone wants to grow old as gracefully as possible. It's natural to wonder about what you can do to enhance your health and your quality of life.


One of the ways to ensure you age gracefully is to be certain you're getting proper nutrition from fruits, vegetables and other foods high in antioxidants. With life being as busy and as rushed as it is for most people these days, getting these vital amounts of antioxidants can be a challenge through diet alone.


Is there an easier way to get our antioxidants? Yes, by supplementing with an antioxidant-rich supplement like NingXia Red.


NingXia Red – the Top Antioxidant Drink


NingXia Red is an antioxidant drink with great taste made with Chinese wolfberries and the best superfoods that are high in natural antioxidants. If you're looking for free radical fighting power, NingXia Red might be the perfect antioxidant nutritional supplement for you. Here's why:


Free radicals are cell-damaging atoms in the body that cause reactive chains believed to speed up the aging process and increase the risk of diseases. The body combats these destructive free radical chains by creating antioxidants - molecules that can terminate these chains without causing further harm to bodily processes.


The antioxidant potency of NingXia Red is so strong that drinking just one ounce every day infuses the body with more free radical defenses than could possibly be consumed through diet alone.


Even the most balanced of diets wouldn't approach the antioxidant benefits received by drinking a single ounce of NingXia Red.


814 Blueberries or One Ounce of NingXia Red?


Exactly how much would we have to eat to get equivalent antioxidant potency? One ounce of NingXia Red has the same antioxidant levels as:


    * 34 large onions, or…

    * 100 oranges, or…

    * 814 blueberries, or…

    * 22 medium carrots 10.85 pounds of spinach, or…

    * 55.33 pounds of almonds, or…

    * 59 broccoli florets, or…

    * 73 medium strawberries, or…

    * 93 apples, or…

    * 130 tomatoes


NingXia Red packs such a powerful free radical fighting punch because of the unique whole NingXia wolfberry puree it contains – as well as Young Living's patented nutrient-preserving processing method developed in NingXia, China.


Patented Puree Process Insure All Nutrients Are Retained


The key to NingXia Red's antioxidant density comes from the 100% pure whole-food fruit puree, a super blend of blueberry, pomegranate, apricot, and raspberry juices; organic blue agave; water extracted grape pomace, ascorbic acid (vitamin C); and lemon and orange essential oils.


These ingredients, coupled with our patented puree process, insure that not an ounce of antioxidant-rich nutrients is lost or diluted any step along the way. From harvesting the finest ingredients to bottling the finished product, NingXia Red is the best-tasting, most effective way to get all the free radical fighting power our bodies require.


For more information about: NingXia Red Antioxidant Drink Taps The Power Of Whole Food Synergy

Contact Sherry 217 440 4930 or




Superfood, Anyone?

If you're a health conscious person, you know there's no question that the more quality nutrients you get, the better you'll feel and function. But if you live a fast-paced, over- worked lifestyle like most of us, it takes real effort to meet your daily nutritional requirements.


Our bodies require 13 different vitamins and 17 different minerals (plus antioxidants and trace minerals) on a daily basis to function effectively. The body uses vitamins for the production of red blood cells. It uses minerals to help regulate body functions, release energy, and assist growth.


To get the 13 vitamins and 17 minerals, plus the antioxidants and trace minerals we need daily, we need to consume five to seven servings of fruits and vegetables per day. But it's hard to even get three real meals into a busy day, let alone that many servings of fruits and vegetables.


Besides, many of the nutrients that should be found naturally in the food we eat are removed or depleted before they even reach us due to over-processing, long shipping times and poor handling, in addition to lower vitamin and mineral contect due to depleted soils.


And honestly, most people's diets includes too many foods that may be tasty, but aren't the best sources of vitamins and minerals.


One way to solve the problem is by taking a multivitamin. And I'm sure you already know that not all multivitamins are the same. Those made in laboratories from isolated synthetic chemicals are not accepted or utilized by the body in the same way that natural vitamins are.


One of the best ways to get your nutrients is through whole food vitamins, especially those using dried superfood powders, like those used in True Source. If you haven't heard about True Source, let me tell you a little about it...


Young Living's True Source™ contains the best of dried superfood powders, whole food vitamins and minerals, spirulina, chlorella, barley grass and other high-powered nutrients. The result is a super-healthy formulation that insures you get your daily super-powered multivitamins in a natural form.


True Source supplies a broad spectrum of everything you've come to expect in a multivitamin – B vitamins, vitamins A, C, D , E and K, folic acid, selenium, zinc, potassium, iodine, and magnesium, in three easy-to-take capsules. You can take them all at once in the morning or split them up to take with each meal.


More info: True Source Whole Food Multi-Nutrient


Remember, bodies thrive on good nutrition. Give your body what it wants and can utilize with True Source's dried superfood powder multivitamin.




A new study reveals that air pollution triggers more heart attacks than using cocaine.


  It also poses as high a risk of jump-starting a heart attack as alcohol, coffee and physical exertion.


For anyone who has risk factors for heart attacks, this is very important information they should not ignore.


Now, I doubt anyone reading this report uses cocaine, but it's an interesting comparison they used in the study.


According to researchers, other stimuli like sex, anger, marijuana use and chest or respiratory infections and can also trigger heart attacks to different extents, but air pollution, particularly in heavy traffic, is the major culprit.


The findings, published in The Lancet journal in February, 2011, suggest population-wide factors like polluted air should be taken more seriously when looking at heart risks.  These factors should be put into context beside higher but relatively rarer risks like drug use.


Tim Nawrot of Hasselt University in Belgium, led the study.

His team combined data from 36 separate studies and calculated the relative risk posed by a series of heart attack triggers and their population-attributable fraction (PAF) -- in other words, the proportion of total heart attacks estimated to have been caused by each trigger.


The highest risk PAF was traffic exposure, followed by physical exertion, alcohol, coffee, air pollution, and then things like anger, sex, cocaine use, smoking marijuana and respiratory infections.


"Of the triggers for heart attack studied, cocaine is the most likely to trigger an event in an individual, but traffic has the greatest population effect as more people are exposed to (it)," the researchers wrote. "PAFs give a measure of how much disease would be avoided if the risk was no longer present."


A report published late last year found that air pollution in many major cities in Asia exceeds the WHO's air quality guidelines.  They show the toxic cocktails of pollutants results in more than 530,000 premature deaths a year.


The effects of second-hand smoke (which was not included in this study) were likely to be similar to that of outdoor air pollution.  Researchers point out that the ban on smoking in public places in England caused the number of heart attacks to plummet.  Savings to the health service are estimated at 8.4 million pounds ($13 million) in the first year.


Heart specialists are quick to point out that besides avoiding polluted air, those wanting to stay healthy should focus on not smoking, exercising, eating a healthy diet and maintaining their ideal weight.


Now that you know how dangerous dirty air is, what can you do if you live in a polluted city?  Picking up and moving are rarely options.


There are ways to keep the air inside your home and workplace clean and pure that are easy to implement.  Perhaps the least known, but most effective, is diffusing essential oils. 


Cold-air diffused oils alter the structure of molecules that create odors, rather than just masking them.  They also increase oxygen availability and produce negative ions at the same time. 


Many essential oils, such as lemon, Purification, Citrus Fresh, and Thieves, are highly antibacterial and are extremely effective for eliminating and destroying airborne germs and bacteria. 


I personally have experienced the incredible power of essential oils to transform totally polluted air thick with cigarette smoke, burning rubber, auto exhaust and motorcycle, lawn mower and blower exhaust into pure, sweet-smelling air in a few minutes. It's uncanny how the worst air can be turned into fresh air just by diffusing Purification or Citrus Fresh (or any of the others).


Cold air diffusing appropriate essential oils can:


- Reduce bacteria, fungus, and mold

- Eliminate odors

- Stimulate neurotransmitters

- Stimulate secretion of endorphins

- Digest petrochemicals on the receptor sites


Depending on the properties of the oils, diffusing essential oils can also:


- Improve the secretion of IgA antibodies that fight candida

- Improve digestive function

- Improve hormonal balance

- Relieve headaches

- Stimulate growth hormone production and receptivity

- Improve concentration, alertness, and mental clarity

- Relax the mind and body, relieve tension and clear the mind


Every one of those benefits will improve health and well-being.

All this, combined with the ability to purify the air and prevent heart attacks, makes it a no-brainer to start diffusing today.


 To learn more about diffusers:

Contact Sherry 217 440 4930 or


PS  Nothing beats the Travel Fan Diffuser for keeping the air in your car clean and pure in the worst traff




Helicobacter pylori (also known as H-pylori) can cause a great deal of stomach and intestinal distress.


 Many people who suffer from stomach aches, abdominal pain, acid reflux, regurgitation, vomiting, belching, flatulence, nausea and ulcers have no idea that H-pylori is at the bottom of it.


H-pylori is an is a Gram-negative, microaerophilic bacterium that can inhabit various areas of the stomach, particularly the antrum (near the bottom of the stomach). It causes a chronic low-level inflammation of the stomach lining and is strongly linked to the development of duodenal and gastric ulcers and stomach cancer.


The surprizing thing about H-pylori is that over 50% of the world's population harbor H. pylori in their upper gastrointestinal tract!  You can have it for years without

realizing it!  I did.  


For years I had digestive problems, including indigestion, acid reflux, nausea and diarrhea.  My doctor couldn't figure it out. I read an article about H-pylori and asked him to check it for me.  He reluctantly ordered a blood test for H- pylori. Turns out my levels were sky-high!


But the medications for it were so strong, they overwhelmed my body and I couldn't finish them.  So my doctor wanted me to take antacids for life!  I had to find another way.  I found my answer in Inner Defense and Longevity oils, but Eddie Wolinski, Former 3 Time Mr. Canada and Mr. North America used a different blend.  I'll tell you about that in a minute, but first a little more info about H-pylori...


You may read that H-pylori infection is more prevalent in developing countries.  But the truth is, with so much International travel and immigration today, H-pylori (like

beg-bugs) is on the rise.  It's very easy to pass from person to person simply by drinking from the same glass or taking a bite out of someone's plate.  In fact, if one person in the family has it, you can be sure every other family member has it as well.



It is extremely easy to catch when eating in restaurants, by eating catered or pre-prepared foods, or even by kissing!


But you may never suspect anything because over 80% of individuals infected with the bacterium are asymptomatic.

They don't feel or notice a thing - until it's too late.

That's what happened with Mr. Wolinski, when he experienced an ulcerative rupture his duodenum.  Here's his story in his own words: 


"In 1994 after not being ill a day in my life except for regular bouts with a cold and the flu I almost died due an internal bleed from my duodenum. Unbeknownst to me I had a bacteria by the name of heliobacter pylori which caused an ulcerative rupture in my duodenum. I required a blood transfusion of 3 pints to replace the lost blood.


I was then given 2 antibiotics at the same time to rid me of the bacteria. Four weeks after completing this protocol it was evident that it did not work, as I almost had another bleed.


It was then suggested by my specialist that I take a regimen of 8 different drugs at the same time for 21 days with no guarantees for success. I refused because I was told to expect substantial side effects and there was another drug I could take instead called ranitidine (zantac), an acid blocker that would prevent the bleeds although it would not get rid of the bacteria. I chose this route reluctantly.

Later I found a natural product containing MSM, although not quite the quality formulation of Young Living's Sulphurzme which worked similarly to reduce acid.


Then in October/1999 I read about a natural antibiotic protocol recommended by Dr. Gary Young. It involved using the essential oils of Lemon, Mountain Savory, and Oregano together and internally. I decided to try it and started very slowly using only a fraction of what Dr. Young recommended. 


Within 4 days I knew the bacteria was history. To this day, I have not had any stomach challenges which had previously caused me great discomfort day and night on a daily basis for almost 5 years.


I might add that although I haven't needed to use the formula below again, I would not think of going without a variety of essential oils in my daily nutritional program.

To me they are the ultimate supplements for optimum physical, mental, and spiritual well-being and performance.


Eddie Wolinski

Former 3 Time Mr. Canada

Former Mr. North America


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -




Here is the recipe Dr.Young gave as the most powerful natural



10 drops lemon oil

8 drops mountain savory oil

3 drops oregano oil


Put in capsule and take 1-3 times a day.


However, instead of putting the drops in capsules I put them in a tablespoon of Young Living V-6 mixing oil and then mixed the entire mixture with about 2 ounces of grape juice in a small bottle. I would then shake the bottle before using and I took only 1 tablespoon of this mixture 3 times a day. Goes down real easy..... I continued with this regimen for 14 days just to be certain.



I'm not sure if this would interact with any prescription antibiotics taken either orally or intravenously.




The lemon oil, mountain savory and oregano oil recipe is very powerful. If you use it, be sure to use only veggie caps (not made of gelatin) and fill the capsules only just before you swallow them.  The oils will dissolve gelatin caps instantly, and will dissolve veggie caps in a few hours, so you can't make any up in advance.  Or simply use the method that Mr. Wolinski used and add the oils to vegetable oil, then into grape juice and sip. 


Easier and equally effective is the incredible Inner Defense



It already comes in capsule form and it has been my experience that two or three capsules of that will knock out just about anything!


To order any of the above oils, Contact Sherry 217 440 4930 or




Do your heart (and veins) a favor with Aroma Life™, the essential oil blend that supports a healthy cardiovascular system.


Aroma Life™ is much more than an essential oil to support the cardiovascular system and blood pressure. It combines the harmonizing effects of ylang ylang with known powerhouses cypress, helichrysum, and marjoram. Pulsing with life, this vibrant blend energizes your life force. It is best applied over heart energy – front and/or back.


Aroma Life may support cardiovascular, lymphatic, and circulatory systems helping to lower high blood pressure, reduce stress, and alleviate hemorrhoids.


Ingredients in Aroma Life:


- Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens): This essential oil is one

  of the most frequently used oils for the circulatory and

  lymphatic systems. It may help improve the cardiovascular

  system and circulation as well as help relieve other lymphatic

  and capillary problems.


- Marjoram (Origanum majorana): This essential oil is used for

  calming the respiratory system and soothing sore and aching

  muscles. Marjoram helps regenerate smooth muscle tissue and

  assists in relieving spasms, sprains, bruises, migraine

  headaches and calming the nerves.


- Helichrysum (Helichrysum italicum): Researched in Europe for

  regenerating tissue and nerves and improving circulation,

  helichrysum is anticoagulant, prevents phlebitis, helps

  regulate cholesterol, stimulates liver cell function and may

  help to clean plaque and debris from the veins and arteries.


- Ylang ylang (Cananga odorata): This essential oil has been

  used traditionally to balance heart function, as in tachycardia

  (rapid heart beat) and arterial hypertension (high blood



- Sesame seed oil base: High grade sesame seed oil is used as

  a carrier oil.


This combination of oils is extremely powerful and effective.


To order any of the above oils, Contact Sherry 217 440 4930 or



I completely understand when there is hesitation with signing up as a member with Young Living.

   You might think, I don't want to sell, I don't want to commit, I don't want to get stuck having to buy things I don't need.

   But, did you know that none of that applies when becoming a member of Young Living ~ you don't have to sell,  you don't have to commit, and you don't have to buy anything you don't want.

  Think of it this way, if you wanted to purchase Valor, Lavender, and Peppermint ~ there were the three bottles on the shelf ~

   but there were two price tags ~ one said $87.83 and one said $66.75 ~ which would you rather pay?

   "Signing up with Young Living as a Distributor does not mean necessarily "building a business".

It's more about GETTING EXTREMELY HEALTHY naturally, and being able to get the products that helps us do that at a 24% discount.

 There is no yearly membership fee, and no monthly commitment, unless you chose to be involved in the Essential Rewards Program.

Taking the first step to living a healthier, happier, and more abundant lifestyle is easy with Young Living's two Membership options

  To start shopping

  1. Pick the membership option that matches your current interest.

 2. Call me Sherry Cress 217 440 4930 to get started.















EndoFlex can help you maintain overall vitality with a proprietary blend of essential oils that support the endocrine system

EndoFlex can help with both hypo- and hyper-thyroid conditions as it helps the body to cope with imbalances in the fragile endocrine system












PanAway is an amazing oil! It reduces pain and inflammation, increases circulation, and accelerates healing. Relieves swelling and discomfort from arthritis, sprains, muscle spasm and cramps, bumps and bruises.

Time to empty your OTC meds arsenal and replace it with safe, natural, genuine Young Living essential oils.






shared from Nwt Young Living's photo.
Terrible Seasonal Allergies Since I Was A Child

I have had terrible seasonal allergies (pollens in April/May, and ragweed in September/ October) since I was a child. In the last several years, I've had to become very skilled at titrating my allergy medications to prevent side effects from causing more problems. My everyday, year round medicine was Mucinex D and I would change out to Zyrtec D when allergy symptoms started. If they got really bad I would take D Allergy (always had to be careful not to take this for too long or I would develop sinus infections from the thickened secretions that didn't drain).
A friend from work introduced me to Young Living peppermint this summer. Inhaling it from a few drops in my hands was so effective, I was sold. I did some investigating on this site and found testimonials for using lavender for allergies. I started taking about 10-15 drops of lavender in a capsule in the morning when my hay fever symptoms started up this fall. I have had minimal allergy symptoms this season (and it's been a bad one for many people here).
I also haven't had any problems with dry mouth, sinus pressure/ infections like I used to have if I wasn't careful with my other antihistamines. Love these oils! - Lisa Bylander

Only Use Therapeutic Grade Lavender, Peppermint and Lemon internally. All three oils are available in the Everyday Oil Kit








Lots of valuable information here. Oil recommendations as well as application and usage.
Thank you Heart2Heart Birth Matters for all this great info and illustration.




Gary Young's (the founder of Young Living) Great Day Protocol

1. Place one drop of Valor on the inside of your left wrist. Hold the inside of your right wrist to your left wrist for a few minutes.

This step balances the body.

2. Apply a drop of Harmony to your solar plexus (the area just above your belly button) to calm your mind and promote positive feelings.

3. Apply one drop of Joy to the area above your heart. This step helps bring happiness to your mind and body.

4. Place a single drop of White Angelica in the palm of your hand and rub your hands together.                                

Lightly brush both hands over your head, face, shoulders, chest, and down the rest of your body as though applying an angelic shield.

> Harmony has 16 single oils in it, including sandalwood, frankincense, ylang ylang and rose.

> Joy has 10 different oils including bergamot, roman chamomile, rose and jasmine.

> Valor has spruce, rosewood, blue tansy & frankincense.

> White Angelica has 10 different oils including geranium, myrrh, rose & melissa. (Melissa and rose are among the most expensive oils)



< click to enlarge



There are many Young Living oils that people use in cooking and here is a great example





Many areas of the country are still not quite out of the flu season. Thieves essential oils is an excellent and safe alternative to the flu shot. Especially after all the bad press this shot got this past season as being ineffective.Thanks again to Dolf Cheng for his illustration.


Peppermint is just an awesome oil. This list really sums it up too!
Peppermint has a strong, clean, fresh, minty aroma. One of the oldest and most highly regarded herbs for soothing digestion, it may also restore digestive efficiency.
Jean Valnet MD studied peppermint's supportive effect on the liver and respiratory systems. Other scientists have also researched peppermint's role in improving taste and smell when inhaled.
Dr. William N. Dember of the University of Cincinnati studied peppermint's ability to improve concentration and mental sharpness. Alan Hirsch MD studied peppermint's ability to directly affect the brain's satiety center, which triggers a sensation of fullness after meals.
This powerful essential oil is often diluted before topical application. Peppermint may also be used to enhance the flavor of food and water








Many people will use thieves in a vegetable capsule and swallow when they are in an environment with high susceptibility to the flu. In addition to applying topically, thieves can be used internally.
From YL ~ For dietary, aromatic, or topical use. When using as a supplement, dilute one drop in 4 fl. oz. of liquid such as goat's or rice milk. Diffuse for short periods of time (1/2 hour or less) in the work or home environment.
Thank you Dolf Cheng for your illustration and research!








RutaVaLa promotes relaxation of the body and mind. It helps ease tension and relieve stress. The blend helps overcome negative feelings while encouraging a positive attitude and comfort.
Rutavala is a blend of Ruta graveolens (rue) oil, valeriana officinalis (valerian) root oil, and lavandula angustifolia (lavender) oil.
Apply RutaVaLa essential oil blend on the back of neck, base of spine, the feet, or just under the nose before bed to overcome negative feelings and lull the mind into a sense of comfort








Peace and Calming promotes relaxation and a deep sense of peace and emotional well-being, helping to dampen tensions and uplift spirits. When massaged on the bottom of the feet, it can be a wonderful prelude to a peaceful night's rest!
It may calm overactive and hard-to-manage children.
Reduces depression, anxiety, stress and insomnia.







As the newest addition to Young Living's Lavender Signature Series, Lavender Foaming Hand Soap lends it's gentle, cleansing properties to our natural product lineup. Soothing and rejuvenating on even the most sensitive skin, just a small amount of this fragrant soap cleanses and conditions your skin without leaving it dry or irritated. Infused with Young Living Therapeutic Grade lavender essential oil. Lavender Foaming Hand Soap is sure to become a household favorite.
For more information on the complete list of Young Living Lavender products,

Contact me today:

 217 440 4930 or










M-Grain is calming while promoting a sense of well-being, particularly in the head and neck areas when applied topically.

M-Grain contains Basil, marjoram, lavender, peppermint , Roman chamomile and helichrysum.

For aromatic use. Place two drops in the palms of the hands, cup over nose, and breathe deeply. Apply on temples, forehead, and back of neck.
Thank you Oils of Joy for this great illustration.







ImmuPower: a must have for your Immune System.

Any time there is an illness or disease in the body it is best to support the immune system. Whether it is allergies flu, the immune system needs to kick into gear to fight it!

ImmuPower essential oil is definitely a great blend to have on hand at home and at the farm. It is safe to use on humans and animals!

 A definite add to any  First Aid Kit for human, horse or dog.

Diffuse, apply topically, inhale.

Thank you Dolf for the great illustration and
Nwt Young Living for the information





Vetiver Essential Oil

Native to South India, Sri Lanka & Indonesia, there is quite a bit of history behind Vetiver. Known for its balancing and grounding benefits, Vetiver has been used throughout time to help calm and sooth the body & mind, and of more recent time, many parents are turning to Vetiver as an alternative to Ritalin (A common ADD/ADHD medicine prescribed to children)

Uses Included

ADD, ADHD, Anger & Anxiety, Arthritis, Aphrodisiac, Circulation Improvement & Stress reduction.









I love the Raindrop Technique and this illustration is wonderfully done. The Raindrop Technique combines the art of aromatherapy with the techniques of Vita Flex and massage in the application of essential oils to various areas of the body.
Thanks to Dolf for creating beautiful art!




Peppermint is the NINTH and FINAL oil used in the Raindrop Technique.
Peppermint is used last as it is considered a "driving oil" and helps to drive in the previously applied oils.
Peppermint has a strong, clean, fresh, minty aroma. One of the oldest and most highly regarded herbs for soothing digestion, it may also restore digestive efficiency. Jean Valnet MD studied peppermint's supportive effect on the liver and respiratory systems. Other scientists have also researched peppermint's role in improving taste and smell when inhaled. Dr. William N. Dember of the University of Cincinnati studied peppermint's ability to improve concentration and mental sharpness. Alan Hirsch MD studied peppermint's ability to directly affect the brain's satiety center, which triggers a sensation of fullness after meals. This powerful essential oil is often diluted before topical application. Peppermint may also be used to enhance the flavor of food and water.
Thank you Dolf Cheng for this excellent series of illustrations and information on the 9 oils used in the RT.












Valor is an empowering combination of therapeutic-grade essential oils that works with both the physical and spiritual aspects of the body to increase feelings of strength, courage, and self-esteem in the face of adversity. Renowned for its strengthening qualities, Valor enhances an individual's internal resources. It has also been found to help energy alignment in the body.
Thank you Dolf Cheng for this excellent series of illustrations and information on the 9 oils used in the RT




This wonderfully written article may open the eyes to many who are being deceived. Enjoy!

How many of you have heard that doTerra has the highest quality essential oils... even though they've only been on the market for approx. 5 years whereas Young Living has been around for 20+ years?

This wonderfully written article may open the eyes to many who are being deceived. Enjoy!



Here is an essential oil body map to illustrate what oils can be used. This is a wonderful tool to help with using the oils.
Many of these oils are included in the Premium Starter Kit. Don't have a stater kit! Then call me Sherry Cress at 217 440 4930 today for information on how to get your starter kit and begin your journey to wellness with Young Living essential oils.

Here is a great illustration that highlights oils that may be helpful for Sinus, Cluster, Tension or Migraine. Headaches can come from a variety of issues. If you can pinpoint why you are having a headache, there are oils that may help.

A deep conditioning treatment for your hair that you may want to try!

Wonderful illustration how we can use the oils that come in the Premium Kit for so many different situations.
Diffusing is such an excellent way to not only purify the air in your home, make it smell great, and get all the outstanding health benefits of the oils!
The strong antiseptic properties of the single oils in this blend make it excellent for cleansing and healing cuts, bruises, scrapes, and insect bites. But it's primary use is helping with tissue regeneration from damage or injury. It also helps with skin abrasion, earaches, fight infection and kills fungus.

Thanks to Dolf Cheng for sharing this illustration


5 Essential Oils that should be in everyone's oil cabinet

For those that do chakra balancing - here is a beautiful illustration and much information about using essential oils in your work.
Thanks to Aromatherapy for Australia for this wonderful graphic.

Here is a great Chakra balancing chart for using Essential Oils. If you have any question or need oils call or message me.

The study of Chakras comes from India and is more than 4,000 years old. The word chakra means "wheel" in Sanskrit, a sacred and holy language of Hinduism and Buddhism. Chakras correspond to vital points in the physical body i.e. major plexuses of arteries, veins and nerves.


Seven primary chakras and 21 lesser chakras are thought to exist. Chakras are also sometimes referred to as 'energy centres' or 'vortices'. Each chakra is thought to resemble a coloured wheel that spins in a clockwise direction, and the chakras are thought to each spin at a different rate or frequency.


It is believed that our thoughts and actions are absorbed through each chakra. When negative energy flows through a chakra it begins to spin too fast or two slow, making it unbalanced. This can effect us both physically, emotionally and spiritually. Massage, reflection, meditation and energy work using essential oils can help restore balance to each of the chakras.

Balancing Chakras with essential oils :


{ Root Chakra }
Singles : Vetiver, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Cedarwood, Ginger, Cypress.
Blends: Valor, Grounding, Abundance.
Apply : to bottom of feet and spine.


{ Sacral Chakra }
Singles : Ylang Ylang, Clary Sage, Rose, Rosemary, Patchouli, Jasmine.
Blends: Peace & Calming, Harmony, Inner Child, Forgiveness
Apply : slightly below navel.

{ Solar Plexus Chakra }
Singles : Juniper, Basil, Lavender, Bergamot, Geranium, Ginger, Lemongrass.
Blends: Harmony, Sacred Mountain, Acceptance, Release.
Apply : between naval and rib cage.

{ Heart Chakra }
Singles : Rose, Geranium, Jasmine, Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang, Eucalyptus.
Blends: Acceptance, Humility, Joy.
Apply : to chest area over the heart.

{ Throat Chakra }
Singles : Roman Chamomile, Lemon, Tea Tree, Lavender, Patchouli, Hyssop.
Blends: Hope, Valor, Envision, Believe.
Apply : to throat area.

{ 3rd Eye Chakra }
Singles : Lavender, Rosemary, Clary Sage, Patchouli, Helichrysum.
Blends: White Angelica, Awaken, Dream Catcher, Transformation.
Apply : between the eyebrows.

{ Crown Chakra }
Singles : Frankincense, Myrrh, Lavender, Jasmine.
Blends: Three Wise Men, Gathering, Inspiration.
Apply : top of the head.

Blend oils with a carrier oil before applying to each chakra point.
Always refer to the Young Living application chart before use. Avoid contact with eyes.

This chakra chart is for information purposes only and not intended to diagnose or cure.



Animals will often seek out certain plants to do things like settle an upset stomach or to promote vomiting, or simply because they need the nutrients from fresh greens. Fresh plants have all of the nutrients of essential oils, but in much smaller quantities. If used properly, animals can benefit from the same essential oils that we do.
Young Living has an extensive line of essential oils and supplements that can be used to help support your pet’s health. Below are the 9 oils found in the Everyday Oils Kit (click to read more about this kit) and ways they can be used with your dog. All of the essential oils and supplements listed below can be purchased online at retail price with no further commitment to purchase, although those who enroll as a preferred customer or distributor will receive a 12% or 24% discount respectively off of the retail prices.

To order any of the essential oils or supplements listed below, got to: Call Sherry 217 440 4930


 Purification: Use for parasites such as fleas and ticks, and mosquitoes for the dog and horse. Can be used for cats, but with 75% dilution.   Reapply as needed without fear of toxic buildup

Valor: Useful in all pets for fear, behavior issues, and training. Useful for skin masses itching, allergies, and infections. Diffuse, use on cotton balls, or in a topical   application. Place on the collar or on the leash

Peace & Calming: The main calming blend of this group of oils. Useful for fear, anxiety, behavior problems, car rides, excitement. Used with Valor to added positive behavior change. The combination provides the calming needed but also builds the confidence to face new stressors.
Diffuse or use on the collar, blanket or toy, or place on a towel in the dryer with the dog’s bedding, and the oil will permeate the bedding.

Pan Away: The best oil blend for pain after an injury. Can be used on cats if diluted 75%. Can be used for pain from acute injury, osteo-arthritis pain, dental extractions, or post surgery. Use topically in warm compresses, in Raindrop Technique, on VitaFlex points, and on acupressure/acupuncture points

Peppermint: Useful along with Pan Away for any injury.The major oil used for overheated horses and dogs (provides cooling quickly). Can be used on long hikes, and a drop into water will provide internal cooling. Cats need the oil diluted to 75%. Can be used for acute injury since it is analgesic and non-infectious

Frankincense: Safer, less strong oil that is a favorite for smaller pets and birds. Used in every aspect of pet care, including wounds, tumors, behavior, infections, bacteria, fungus, and so forth. One of the best all-around oils to use. Dilution still recommended

Lemon: Used to increase awareness in training or with cognitive issues. An excellent antiparasitic.Excellent for skin and subcutaneous issues.Can be used topically, diffused, or ingested

Lavender: Ideal for injuries while in the field. Gentle, but non-infectious. Combined with peppermint, increases healing, decreases infection, and relieves pain.
Repels parasites

Calming; Anti-tumor properties

Thieves: The mainstay if treating injury with contamination out in the field. The strongest non-infectious agent in the kit. Can be used in all pets if diluted appropriately.
Provides significant pain relief, particularly for dental problems. Has anti-parasitic properties, is especially useful for ticks. Can be used topically or internally and is non-toxic

Young Living Essential Oil & Supplements for Pet Health

Joint Issues

Behavior Issues Cognitive or Concentration Issues

BLM capsules
Sulfuryme capsules or powder
Super C
Omega Blue
NingXia Red
PanAway, Relieve It, Mountain Savory, M-Grain

Peace & Calming
Ruta VaLa
Trauma Life
Gentle Baby
Brain Power
Citrus Fresh
Highest Potential
NingXia Red

GI Tract / Liver Issues

Infections Itching

Life 5
Digest & Cleanse
Omega Blue
Super C
Super B
Juva Cleanse

Inner Defense
NingXia Red
Omega Blue


Renal /Urinary Skin

Cell-lite Magic
Citrus Fresh

NingXia Red
Tea Tree

Spinal / Disc Issues


Relieve It

Palo Santo
NingXia Red


Horse Minimal to no dilution
Ruminant Minimal to no dilution
Cat 75-90%
Pocket Pet 85-90%
Ferrets 75-90%
Rabbits 75-90%
Birds 90-95% or hydrosols
Reptiles 75-90%
Amphibians 90-95% or hydrosols
Fish Hydrosols only
Invertebrates None or Hydrosols

0-10 lb 75+%
11-25lb 75%
26-45lb 50-75%
46-75lb 50%
76-90lb 25-50%
91-150lb 25%
>150lb 0-25%