Hi .... I'm  Sherry

A little about myself..... 

I'm married  to the most wonderful man in the world  "Steve"  he is a blessing from the Lord Above. I know this because of the way God smiled on us the day we where married 10/14/89.  ( When we where making the arrangements to get married, Steve told me I could have anything I wanted. Getting married outside on my parents farm was something I always wanted to do. The week before we got married it was in the low to mid 30's and rained every day. On the Friday before it was 70, sunny and mild. The day of the wedding it was 80 sunny and beautiful. Sunday was the same as Saturday and the following week was back to the 30's and rain). 

We have the most beautiful and loving daughter in the world, Ashlee.  Steve also has 3 great son's, Damon, Josh and Nathan but I consider them mine too, we also have 6 grandchildren . 


  I also enjoy both flower  and vegetable gardening, crafts, sewing, decorating our  home, and most of all camping with my family.


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I'm self employed and an Independent  Distributor for Young Living Essential Oils . I will soon complete my training to be a master  Reiki Therapist.  and working on becoming a certified Reflexologist. I also perform Essential Oil Raindrop Therapy, I very much enjoy helping other's  live the happiest and healthiest life they can.  Both  Essential Oils & Organo Gold  are a very big part of our lives as my husband and I both have benefited a great deal from using these products. Our daughter Ashlee loves to use the oils, her favorite is Joy. 

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